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Stay fit at home during the Coronavirus

Dear Swimmer We hope you and your families are all in good health at this unprecedented time for the country. Of course, it goes without saying that you and your loved one's health and well being is the most important thing right now. Although our pools are currently closed and swim training cannot take place, regular exercise remains one of...


COGST Training Suspended

Glasgow Life have announced that they are closing all venues from close of business today until the end of April, when they will review the situation. This means that our club training programme has to be suspended until further notice. We will update you as soon as we have any more information. Our club administrator will not be contactable by phone...


Results - Club Time Trials - 10th March 2020

Thanks to all of the Swimmers, coaches and volunteers who came along to our February Time Trials! We had 96 swimmers, 255 swims, 47 first time swims and a magnificent 99 PB's !!! Well done to all of those who helped and took part. In particular the volunteers who did a great job of timekeeping and marshalling: The Timekeepers were: Euan BlackTracey BlaneIan CroxfordDavid CunninghamGaynor...


Temporary Training Timetable - week beginning 23rd March 202...

As Scotstoun Lesuire Centre will be closed from Monday 23rd March until late December 2020, please find our temporary training timetable below. Training location changes highlighted in PINK! Many thanks Danielle

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Some really great racing form the elite performance swimmers at this meet, which served as the trials for the World Championships for the Dutch team. It was great international experience for them all. They had to race hard in heats to progress through to the semi-finals and finals, and then had to race tough again in the evening to progress further.

Day 1 Heats
Jamie Graham	50 Fly		24.70	pb
Dan Scott	50 Fly		24.94
Ali Stirling	50 Fly		26.20	(0.08 sec outside pb)
Matt Nicholson	50 Fly		26.30	pb
Robbie Renwick	100 Free	50.83
Dan Scott	100 free	51.63	(0.43 outside pb)

Day 1 Semi/Finals
Jamie Graham	50 Fly semi	24.84	9th
Dan Scott	50 Fly semi	25.12	11th
Robbie Renwick	100 Free semi	50.04	2nd (through to final)
Dan Scott	100 Free semi 	51.65	12th

Day 2 Heats
Jamie Graham	100 Breast	1:03.13
Matt Nicholson	100 Breast	1:04.73

Day 2 Semi/Finals
Robbie Renwick	100 Free B final 50.19	4th	(0.62 outside pb)
Jamie Graham	100 Breast A final 1:03.00 8th	(0.14 outside pb)
Matt Nicholson	100 Brest B final 1:04.60 8th	(0.26 outside pb)

Day 3 Heats
Robbie Renwick	200 Free	1:50.71
Ali Stirling	200 Free	1:55.20	(0.79 outside pb)
Dan Scott	50 Breast	29.10	(0.02 outside pb)
Jamie Graham	50 Breast	29.28
Matt Nicholson	50 Breast	29.94	(0.34 outside pb)
Dan Scott	100 Fly		55.64
Jamie Graham	100 Fly		56.72	(0.32 outside pb)
Ali Stirling	100 Fly		58.66			

Day 3 Semi/Finals
Jamie Graham	50 Breast semi	28.51	pb	Club record 8th
Dan Scott	50 Breast semi	28.90	pb	9th
Robbie Renwick	200 Free A final 1:47.99	2nd	
Dan Scott	100 Fly A final	55.19	8th	(0.53 outside pb)
Jamie Graham 	50 Breast A final	28.70	=7th
Jamie Graham	100 Fly B final	57.72	8th

Day 4 Heats
Matt Nicholson	200 Breast	2:25.53
Jamie Graham	50 Free		23.47	(0.07 outside pb)
Ali Stirling	50 Free		23.71	(0.06 outside pb)
Dan Scott	50 Free		23.85	(0.30 outside pb)
Robbie Renwick 	400 Free	3:59.72

Day 4 Finals
Jamie Graham	50 Free semi	23.20	pb	8th
Ali Stirling	50 Free semi	23.37	pb	10th
Matt Nicholson	200 Breast B final 2:22.43	pb	3rd
Jamie Graham	50 Free A final	23.20	=pb	7th
Robbie Renwick	400 Free A final 3:52.09	2nd

Graham Wardell


# Eindhoven Swim CupDave Hill 2013-04-16 15:04
Well done to Graham`s big guys amazing swims in what was a great competition.Its great to know that our elite guys can compete on equal terms with the best swimmers in Europe.
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