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We had a total of 11 swimmers travelling with the team this time down to Sunderland, a further 10 swimmers stayed with their parents and joined us at varying points of the meet.

We had managed to secure funding from various sources and also once again free mini bus from the School of Sport and Arnold Clark who kindly donated the use of a people carrier. In the end we managed to get the cost down to £235 for the 5 nights which included accommodation and food. It proved to be fantastic value for money. The staff at the Premier Inn at North Shields couldn’t have been more helpful they opened the restaurant early for us every morning and even washed and dried towels for us in the middle of the trip!!!

The biggest challenge we had was when a stomach bug swept through those attending the competition. Unfortunately six of our swimmers were affected and had to miss some swims. Fortunately it only seemed to last 24 hours and the kids bounced back the following day. We did try and book an extra room to isolate the sick children however the hotel was fully booked and that was not possible. We had to resort to moving mattresses about to ensure the bug didn’t spread within the group at the hotel!! Two of the swimmers who were sick were not staying with the team. We reinforced the importance of good hygiene especially before eating to the swimmers throughout the competition.

The general attitude from the swimmers was fantastic and they were well behaved. On the whole they took advantage of any rest time they were given and were always reasonably early to bed.
On speaking to the coaches they were delighted at the way the swimmers approached this competition as it was the first time that most of them had experienced a five day meet.

The club showed a huge improvement on last years Age Group Championships with a wider range of swimmers getting into finals.

Mairi Clark

Results are below (N.B. PB's with no place are split times)


Kirstin Clark (14) F        
1:11.05L (P) Female 14-14 100 Back 14th PB (1sec)
2:17.18L (P) Female 14-14 200 Free 12th    
9:49.13L (F) Female 14-14 800 Free 9th PB (25sec)
1:06.64L (P) Female 14-14 100 Free 26th    
1:11.64L (P) Female 14-14 100 Fly 12th    
4:46.30L (F) Female 14-14 400 Free 10th    
34.37L (P) Female 14-14 50 Back   PB (1sec)
Mark Deans (17) M        
8:42.68L (F) Male 17-18 800 Free 3rd PB (10sec)
1:09.52L (F) Male 17-18 100 Back   PB (1sec)
2:23.65L (F) Male 17-18 200 Back 6th PB (9sec)
2:27.45L (P) Male 17-18 200 Back 7th PB (5sec)
1:07.61L (F) Male 17-18 100 Fly   PB (1sec)
4:49.64L (F) Male 17-18 400 IM 9th PB (1sec)
4:51.11L (P) Male 17-18 400 IM 8th    
16:45.19L (F) Male 17-18 1500 Free 3rd    
4:18.31L (P) Male 17-18 400 Free 7th    
4:18.43L (F) Male 17-18 400 Free 7th    
32.77L (F) Male 17-18 50 Back   PB (1sec)
31.26L (F) Male 17-18 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
31.56L (P) Male 17-18 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
Scott Deans (14) M        
2:16.28L (F) Male 14-14 200 Free   PB (1sec)
9:19.93L (F) Male 14-14 800 Free 4th PB (37sec)
1:11.53L (P) Male 14-14 100 Back   PB (1sec)
2:27.48L (P) Male 14-14 200 Back 16th PB (6sec)
1:12.11L (F) Male 14-14 100 Fly   PB (5sec)
5:13.31L (F) Male 14-14 400 IM 13th PB (25sec)
17:41.84L (F) Male 14-14 1500 Free 7th PB (57sec)
1:04.42L (F) Male 14-14 100 Free   PB (1sec)
2:13.95L (F) Male 14-14 200 Free   PB (4sec)
4:32.45L (F) Male 14-14 400 Free 8th PB (16sec)
30.84L (F) Male 14-14 50 Free   PB (1sec)
33.85L (P) Male 14-14 50 Back   PB (2sec)
33.37L (F) Male 14-14 50 Fly   PB (3sec)
30.42L (F) Male 14-14 50 Free   PB (1sec)
Robyn Dickson (13) F        
1:16.94L (P) Female 13-13 100 Fly   PB (1sec)
2:45.21L (P) Female 13-13 200 Fly 20th PB (8sec)
1:15.84L (F) Female 13-13 100 Fly   PB (3sec)
5:22.86L (F) Female 13-13 400 IM 4th PB (12sec)
1:23.75L (P) Female 13-13 100 Breast 11th    
2:38.27L (P) Female 13-13 200 IM 13th    
2:59.44L (P) Female 13-13 200 Breast 13th    
2:21.60L (F) Female 13-13 200 Free   PB (2sec)
4:47.53L (F) Female 13-13 400 Free 7th PB (23sec)
35.02L (F) Female 13-13 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
35.00L (P) Female 13-13 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
Martin Douglas (16) M        
1:08.16L (F) Male 16-16 100 Fly   PB (2sec)
1:08.24L (P) Male 16-16 100 Fly   PB (2sec)
5:04.26L (F) Male 16-16 400 IM 10th PB (15sec)
5:07.33L (P) Male 16-16 400 IM 10th PB (12sec)
2:26.14L (P) Male 16-16 200 IM 16th PB (2sec)
4:41.06L (F) Male 16-16 400 Free   PB (5sec)
9:32.10L (F) Male 16-16 800 Free   PB (15sec)
18:03.33L (F) Male 16-16 1500 Free 10th PB (102sec)
2:50.06L (F) Male 16-16 200 Breast 9th    
2:52.09L (P) Male 16-16 200 Breast 9th    
31.12L (F) Male 16-16 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
31.30L (P) Male 16-16 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
Anna Fleming (11) F        
1:15.33L (F) Female 10-12 100 Back 9th PB  
1:15.65L (P) Female 10-12 100 Back 9th PB  
2:18.37L (P) Female 10-12 200 Free 3rd PB  
2:19.94L (F) Female 10-12 200 Free 8th PB  
2:39.92L (P) Female 10-12 200 IM 7th PB  
2:40.82L (F) Female 10-12 200 IM 7th PB  
1:04.63L (P) Female 10-12 100 Free 7th PB (3sec)
1:05.08L (F) Female 10-12 100 Free 8th PB (2sec)
1:10.05L (F) Female 10-12 100 Fly 4th PB (8sec)
1:11.05L (P) Female 10-12 100 Fly 4th PB (7sec)
36.20L (P) Female 10-12 50 Back   PB (5sec)
31.49L (F) Female 10-12 50 Free   PB (1sec)
30.41L (P) Female 10-12 50 Free   PB (2sec)
Edward Gray (17) M        
1:03.35L (P) Male 17-18 100 Fly 16th    
5:02.55L (P) Male 17-18 400 IM 11th PB (4sec)
2:24.99L (P) Male 17-18 200 IM 18th    
2:19.32L (P) Male 17-18 200 Fly 8th    
2:21.52L (F) Male 17-18 200 Fly 8th    
1:19.93L (P) Male 17-18 100 Breast 24th    
2:46.13L (P) Male 17-18 200 Breast 14th    
Kieran Izzett (15) M        
27.92L (P) Male 15-15 50 Free   PB (2sec)
2:11.68L (P) Male 15-15 200 Free 30th    
1:09.54L (P) Male 15-15 100 Back 28th    
2:31.82L (P) Male 15-15 200 Back 26th    
5:20.49L (P) Male 15-15 400 IM 19th PB (1sec)
2:31.14L (P) Male 15-15 200 Fly 20th    
58.70L (P) Male 15-15 100 Free 18th PB (2sec)
29.13L (P) Male 15-15 50 Free   PB (1sec)
Scott Jackson (17) M        
2:02.58L (P) Male 17-18 200 Free 13th    
1:03.54L (P) Male 17-18 100 Fly 17th    
2:22.19L (P) Male 17-18 200 IM 14th    
4:20.88L (F) Male 17-18 400 Free 9th    
4:22.57L (P) Male 17-18 400 Free 9th    
56.54L (P) Male 17-18 100 Free 18th    
Declan Kirkwood (14) M        
5:24.24L (F) Male 14-14 400 IM 23rd PB  
Martin McInnes (14) M        
2:16.14L (P) Male 14-14 200 Free 33rd    
1:10.59L (P) Male 14-14 100 Fly 23rd    
2:40.11L (P) Male 14-14 200 Fly 28th    
4:40.08L (F) Male 14-14 400 Free 18th PB (5sec)
29.70L (P) Male 14-14 50 Free   PB (1sec)
32.36L (P) Male 14-14 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
Matthew McInnes (18) M        
2:33.61L (P) Male 17-18 200 Fly 11th    
2:34.11L (F) Male 17-18 200 Fly 10th    
Jamie McKinley (18) M        
1:58.97L (P) Male 17-18 200 Free 6th    
2:00.34L (F) Male 17-18 200 Free 8th    
17:28.21L (F) Male 17-18 1500 Free 7th    
55.39L (P) Male 17-18 100 Free 11th    
Victoria Milburn (16) F        
1:09.17L (F) Female 16-16 100 Back 9th PB (1sec)
1:09.25L (P) Female 16-16 100 Back 8th PB (1sec)
2:11.41L (F) Female 16-16 200 Free 5th PB (3sec)
2:12.57L (P) Female 16-16 200 Free 8th PB (2sec)
1:02.95L (P) Female 16-16 100 Free 14th    
2:26.87L (F) Female 16-16 200 Back 3rd PB (3sec)
2:29.40L (P) Female 16-16 200 Back 3rd PB (1sec)
32.94L (F) Female 16-16 50 Back   PB (1sec)
33.26L (P) Female 16-16 50 Back   PB (1sec)
Ian Phillips (16) M        
2:07.44L (P) Male 16-16 200 Free 18th PB (2sec)
1:13.56L (P) Male 16-16 100 Back 20th PB (1sec)
2:36.30L (P) Male 16-16 200 Back 16th PB (1sec)
27.30L (P) Male 16-16 50 Free 14th PB (1sec)
58.74L (P) Male 16-16 100 Free 14th PB (2sec)
Victoria Reid (15) F        
33.65L (P) Female 15-15 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
1:11.71L (P) Female 15-15 100 Fly   PB (1sec)
5:22.73L (P) Female 15-15 400 IM 9th PB (10sec)
5:28.77L (F) Female 15-15 400 IM 10th PB (4sec)
1:18.46L (F) Female 15-15 100 Breast 8th PB (2sec)
1:20.61L (P) Female 15-15 100 Breast 9th    
2:50.99L (F) Female 15-15 200 Breast 5th PB (2sec)
2:58.78L (P) Female 15-15 200 Breast 9th    
1:05.93L (P) Female 15-15 100 Free 22nd PB (1sec)
1:12.30L (P) Female 15-15 100 Fly 17th PB (1sec)
4:50.99L (P) Female 15-15 400 Free 13th    
33.42L (P) Female 15-15 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
Matthew Rossetter (13) M        
2:20.43L (P) Male 13-13 200 Free 24th PB (2sec)
10:32.20L (F) Male 13-13 800 Free   PB (1sec)
20:15.88L (F) Male 13-13 1500 Free 14th PB  
Fraser Ross (15) M        
28.07L (P) Male 15-15 50 Free 27th PB (1sec)
1:17.58L (P) Male 15-15 100 Breast 16th PB (2sec)
35.53L (P) Male 15-15 50 Breast   PB (1sec)
Zoe Scott (15) F        
35.81L (P) Female 15-15 50 Back   PB (1sec)
1:14.37L (P) Female 15-15 100 Back 23rd    
5:30.48L (P) Female 15-15 400 IM 14th    
2:19.02L (P) Female 15-15 200 Free 20th    
1:13.61L (P) Female 15-15 100 Back   PB (1sec)
2:33.03L (P) Female 15-15 200 Back 12th PB (2sec)
2:37.63L (F) Female 15-15 200 Back 9th    
4:44.74L (F) Female 15-15 400 Free 8th    
4:45.31L (P) Female 15-15 400 Free 11th    
Rory Shirley (16) M        
2:14.18L (P) Male 16-16 200 Free 24th    
26.01L (F) Male 16-16 50 Free 7th PB (1sec)
26.21L (P) Male 16-16 50 Free 7th PB (1sec)
1:09.43L (F) Male 16-16 100 Breast 2nd    
1:12.39L (P) Male 16-16 100 Breast 3rd    
2:36.36L (F) Male 16-16 200 Breast 3rd PB (1sec)
2:41.92L (P) Male 16-16 200 Breast 3rd    
Kaitlin Stevenson (13) F        
1:27.39L (P) Female 13-13 100 Breast 19th    
40.84L (P) Female 13-13 50 Breast   PB (1sec)