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Well done to our swimmers who took part in the Mini League at Auchenharvie on 21st April. Unfortunately we didn't win, but there were some great performances and 10 PB's.


Milngavie & Bearsden 156 points
North Ayrshire 144 points
City of Glasgow 122 points
Kingston 53 points

Harry Anderson (9) M      
20.51S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Free    
27.95S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Back    
Amber Campbell (10) F      
1:25.54S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Free PB (1sec)
26.15S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Back    
42.83S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Back    
1:34.09S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Back    
Abigail Cavanagh (9) F      
18.31S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Free    
Adam Farquharson (10) M      
37.89S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Free PB (2sec)
48.43S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Fly    
Lily-Jane Haggerty (8) F      
25.14S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Breast    
Serena Iheagwaram (10) F      
36.43S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Free    
1:52.87S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Breast    
38.10S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Fly    
1:30.84S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Fly    
Nicole Keenan (9) F      
20.96S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Back PB (1sec)
19.73S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Fly PB (2sec)
Conor Logan (11) M      
1:18.25S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Free    
1:25.27S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Back    
1:41.14S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Breast    
Aaron McGilly (9) M      
23.26S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Fly PB (2sec)
Mia McLear (9) F      
27.07S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Breast PB (3sec)
Kay McManus (10) F      
49.34S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Breast PB (1sec)
Marty McManus (8) M      
24.83S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Back PB (2sec)
27.78S (F) Mixed 7-11 25 Breast PB (1sec)
Angus Nicol (10) M      
39.54S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Back PB (2sec)
45.30S (F) Mixed 7-11 50 Breast    
1:33.04S (F) Mixed 7-11 100 Fly    


# Mini League - WELL DONE!Graham Wardell 2012-04-23 10:04
Just wanted to congratulate the swimmers who battled into 3rd place on Saturday. Katy and Suzanne told me how hard you all raced, particularly as we had no 11 years girls and so a lot of you had to swim a lot of races out of age. I know this can be tough, but I am proud of your efforts for the team, and know that you are building the character and determination to follow in the footsteps of the olympians in the club.

Remember, training tough allows you to race tough!!
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