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Seven members of the elite performance squad travelled to Dublin last weekend for the Dave McCullagh Memorial meet which incorporated the Celtic tri-nations meet. The tri-nations meet is an annual event between Scotland, Ireland and Wales which incorporates the full Olympic programme of events. Alisdair Stirling had been selected to represent Scotland in the 50m and 100m Freestyle, while the other six swimmers were there to represent the club.

It was a well run meet, in a great facility and we were warmly welcomed by the organisers. Results were as follows:

Robbie Renwick 100m freestyle A final 00:51.1 1st  
Robbie Renwick 200m freestyle A final 01:50.9 1st  
Robbie Renwick 400m freestyle A final 03:52.7 1st  
Jamie Graham 50m breaststroke A final 00:29.2 1st  
Jamie Graham 100m breaststroke A final 01:04.5 1st  
Dan Scott 50m butterfly A final 00:25.0 1st  
Jamie Graham 50m butterfly A final 00:25.5 3rd pb
Alisdair Stirling 100m freestyle A final 00:52.2 3rd  
Jamie Graham 200m IM A final 02:08.2 4th pb
Alisdair Stirling 50m freestyle A final 00:24.6 6th  
Dan Scott 100m butterfly A final 00:57.0 6th  
Mark Deans 1500m freestyle A final 16:49.5 7th  
Mark Deans 400m IM A final 04:48.7 10th pb
Alisdair Stirling 200m freestyle B final 01:56.8 1st  
Jamie McKinley 400m freestyle B final 04:12.0 1st  
Stephen Lamb 50m butterfly B final 00:27.0 2nd pb
Dan Scott 50m freestyle B final 00:24.8 2nd  
Jamie McKinley 200m freestyle B final 01:58.2 3rd  
Dan Scott 100m freestyle B final 00:54.1 3rd  
Mark Deans 400m Freestyle B final 04:19.6 3rd  
Jamie McKinley 100m freestyle B final 00:55.0 4th  
Stephen Lamb 100m butterfly B final 01:02.4 6th  
Mark Deans 200m backstroke B final 02:26.8 9th  

The aim of the meet was for the elite performance swimmers to race tough while still in full training. I set the swimmers the target of racing hard in the heats to get a second swim in either an A or B final, and then coming back a few hours later and swimming faster in the finals. We achieved this aim, with 100% of swims faster in the finals than in the heats which shows the mental and physical toughness that training can bring.  

Graham Wardell


# Ann Breslin 2012-05-06 00:30
Well done & congratulation to swimmers and coach
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