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Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed at the West District Group 4. Lots of great performances with 7 gold medals, 9 silver and 4 bronze. We also had 74 PB's achieved.

Also thanks to the volunteers and coaches for their support for the team.

Anna Fleming continued her record breaking form with two 11 Year old Scottish Agegroup long course records in the 100m Free and 50m Fly. Anna recorded a 1min 03.62 and a 31.86 in the 50m Butterfly. These two swims were also long course 12 & under club records - From Dave Hill

Nicole Amato (12) F        
1:25.46L (F) Female 100 Fly      
6:03.99L (F) Female 400 IM 18th    
38.26L (F) Female 50 Fly   PB (18sec)
Kieran Bell (15) M        
36.59L (P) Male 50 Breast 12th PB (3sec)
1:04.02L (P) Male 100 Free 41st PB (4sec)
1:16.94L (P) Male 100 Back 26th PB (8sec)
1:21.75L (P) Male 100 Breast 9th PB (7sec)
28.20L (P) Male 50 Free 13th PB (3sec)
37.58L (P) Male 50 Back   PB (3sec)
Ross Brennan (14) M        
1:09.07L (P) Male 100 Free   PB (4sec)
1:19.60L (P) Male 100 Back 30th PB (6sec)
36.83L (P) Male 50 Back 35th PB (3sec)
2:26.54L (P) Male 200 Free 25th PB (16sec)
31.83L (P) Male 50 Free   PB (1sec)
Yong Chin Breslin (15) F        
2:20.91L (P) Female 200 Free 10th PB (1sec)
1:27.70L (P) Female 100 Breast 13th    
1:13.63L (P) Female 100 Fly 7th PB (1sec)
2:43.44L (P) Female 200 Back 20th    
5:29.19L (F) Female 400 IM 4th    
5:00.37L (P) Female 400 Free 12th    
3:05.59L (P) Female 200 Breast 8th    
Yong Sonn Breslin (17) F        
2:23.20L (P) Female 200 Free 17th    
2:40.30L (P) Female 200 Back 15th    
Yong Yin Breslin (13) F        
11:05.49L (F) Female 800 Free 18th PB (50sec)
2:59.19L (P) Female 200 IM 28th PB (2sec)
44.72L (P) Female 50 Breast 35th    
5:29.98L (F) Female 400 Free   PB (12sec)
42.01L (P) Female 50 Fly   PB (3sec)
Kirstin Clark (14) F        
10:06.28L (F) Female 800 Free 9th    
2:35.22L (P) Female 200 Back 10th    
1:05.97L (P) Female 100 Free 18th    
4:46.55L (P) Female 400 Free 3rd    
1:15.23L (P) Female 100 Back 19th    
Robyn Dickson (14) F        
9:51.15L (F) Female 800 Free 5th PB (31sec)
1:18.77L (P) Female 100 Back   PB (1sec)
2:42.91L (P) Female 200 IM 13th    
2:42.48L (P) Female 200 Back 18th PB (1sec)
Anna Fleming (11) F        
2:20.30L (P) Female 200 Free 9th    
1:13.54L (P) Female 100 Fly 6th    
29.67L (P) Female 50 Free 9th PB (1sec)
1:03.62L (P) Female 100 Free 6th PB (2sec)
31.86L (P) Female 50 Fly 9th    
Hayley Gilmour (13) F        
1:33.41L (P) Female 100 Breast 34th PB (3sec)
43.13L (P) Female 50 Breast 28th PB (2sec)
Annie Gould (11) F        
1:24.67L (P) Female 100 Fly 25th    
37.79L (P) Female 50 Fly 33rd PB (4sec)
3:04.62L (P) Female 200 Fly 11th    
Grant Gould (17) M        
1:02.54L (P) Male 100 Free 31st    
30.73L (P) Male 50 Fly 16th PB (1sec)
1:12.74L (P) Male 100 Back 14th    
33.44L (P) Male 50 Back 10th    
1:19.57L (P) Male 100 Breast 6th PB (1sec)
28.75L (P) Male 50 Free 21st    
35.91L (P) Male 50 Breast   PB (1sec)
Colin Graham (14) M        
1:15.52L (P) Male 100 Back 23rd    
Guy Haggerty (13) M        
1:36.18L (P) Male 100 Breast 42nd PB (16sec)
45.53L (P) Male 50 Breast   PB (8sec)
Serena Iheagwaram (10) F        
1:24.95L (P) Female 100 Fly 26th    
41.77L (P) Female 50 Fly      
Kieran Izzett (15) M        
59.85L (P) Male 100 Free 13th    
4:37.48L (P) Male 400 Free 11th PB (7sec)
1:10.39L (P) Male 100 Back 8th    
2:12.12L (P) Male 200 Free 9th    
27.40L (P) Male 50 Free 7th PB (1sec)
2:28.07L (P) Male 200 Back 5th    
Scott Jackson (17) M        
57.57L (P) Male 100 Free 6th    
29.24L (P) Male 50 Fly 11th    
4:24.63L (P) Male 400 Free 4th    
2:06.19L (P) Male 200 Free 2nd    
1:04.52L (P) Male 100 Fly 3rd    
27.43L (P) Male 50 Free 8th    
2:28.30L (P) Male 200 IM 6th    
Giulia Jones (14) F        
11:11.36L (F) Female 800 Free 21st    
Alastair Kirkwood (16) M        
36.01L (P) Male 50 Breast 10th    
59.78L (P) Male 100 Free 12th PB (1sec)
2:29.40L (F) Male 200 Fly 2nd PB (9sec)
1:05.67L (P) Male 100 Fly 4th PB (2sec)
2:30.81L (P) Male 200 IM 7th    
29.68L (P) Male 50 Fly   PB (4sec)
Declan Kirkwood (14) M        
37.48L (P) Male 50 Breast 17th PB (3sec)
1:04.86L (P) Male 100 Free 44th    
2:57.35L (P) Male 200 Breast 7th    
1:22.11L (P) Male 100 Breast 10th PB (1sec)
2:36.16L (P) Male 200 IM 13th PB (12sec)
2:42.93L (P) Male 200 Back 18th PB (3sec)
30.92L (P) Male 50 Free   PB (2sec)
37.62L (P) Male 50 Back   PB (1sec)
Ruairi Kirkwood (14) M        
1:01.79L (P) Male 100 Free 26th PB (1sec)
2:17.46L (P) Male 200 Free 18th PB (22sec)
28.44L (P) Male 50 Free 16th PB (2sec)
2:39.54L (P) Male 200 IM 18th PB (19sec)
Stephen Lamb (20) M        
27.68L (F) Male 50 Fly 3rd    
32.35L (P) Male 50 Back 5th    
Stewart Leanord (14) M        
1:13.70L (P) Male 100 Back 19th PB (11sec)
35.52L (P) Male 50 Back      
Callum MacGregor (19) M        
55.76L (F) Male 100 Free 2nd    
28.02L (P) Male 50 Fly 4th PB (1sec)
1:01.99L (F) Male 100 Fly 1st    
2:18.04L (F) Male 200 IM 1st    
26.16L (F) Male 50 Free 2nd PB (1sec)
Martin McInnes (14) M        
1:01.34L (P) Male 100 Free 23rd PB (1sec)
31.95L (P) Male 50 Fly 24th PB (1sec)
4:38.65L (P) Male 400 Free 12th PB (2sec)
2:11.56L (P) Male 200 Free 8th PB (2sec)
1:12.08L (P) Male 100 Fly 13th    
29.20L (P) Male 50 Free 26th PB (1sec)
Matthew McInnes (18) M        
1:00.39L (P) Male 100 Free 16th    
31.21L (P) Male 50 Fly 19th    
4:36.24L (P) Male 400 Free 9th    
2:10.29L (P) Male 200 Free 6th PB (1sec)
28.53L (P) Male 50 Free 19th    
Peter McManus (13) M        
41.37L (P) Male 50 Breast 39th PB (1sec)
Victoria Milburn (16) F        
2:09.51L (F) Female 200 Free 2nd PB (2sec)
1:22.73L (P) Female 100 Breast 3rd PB (2sec)
1:12.48L (F) Female 100 Fly   PB (4sec)
2:27.08L (F) Female 200 Back 1st    
1:01.72L (F) Female 100 Free 5th PB (1sec)
5:19.26L (F) Female 400 IM 1st PB (12sec)
1:12.49L (P) Female 100 Back 9th    
39.21L (P) Female 50 Breast   PB (1sec)
33.81L (F) Female 50 Fly   PB (1sec)
Victoria Reid (15) F        
2:21.19L (P) Female 200 Free 11th    
1:21.91L (F) Female 100 Breast 3rd    
2:38.16L (P) Female 200 IM 7th    
37.95L (P) Female 50 Breast 8th    
33.60L (P) Female 50 Fly 20th    
2:54.74L (F) Female 200 Breast 2nd    
Josh Robertson (15) M        
1:03.74L (P) Male 100 Free 38th    
Matthew Rossetter (13) M        
2:22.33L (P) Male 200 Free 21st    
Fraser Ross (15) M        
31.55L (P) Male 50 Fly 21st PB (2sec)
35.60L (P) Male 50 Back 25th PB (1sec)
2:31.11L (P) Male 200 IM 8th PB (1sec)
Thomas Scally (13) M        
39.89L (P) Male 50 Breast 33rd PB (6sec)
1:28.38L (P) Male 100 Breast 24th PB (15sec)
Aynslie Scott (13) M        
35.68L (P) Male 50 Back 27th PB (9sec)
Kaitlin Stevenson (13) F        
36.34L (P) Female 50 Back 32nd PB (1sec)
1:28.85L (P) Female 100 Breast 20th    
3:03.50L (P) Female 200 Breast 6th    
Darren Stewart (14) M        
33.28L (P) Male 50 Fly 33rd PB (1sec)
1:12.18L (P) Male 100 Back 11th    
Caitlin Wilson (13) F        
1:23.80L (P) Female 100 Fly   PB (4sec)
3:03.50L (P) Female 200 Fly 10th PB (14sec)