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Congratulations to all of our swimmers who competed at the Scottish Gas Scottish National Open Championships from 28th June-1st July 2012 . Lots of great performances with 2 gold medals, 4 silver and 1 bronze. We also had 79 PB's achieved.

Coaches Report

Congratulations to all swimmers competing at the Commonwealth Pool in Edinburgh. The four day meet was an opportunity for the performance group swimmers to compete against the best in Scotland. The team finished a very good seventh place which was well done, especially as our best swimmer Robbie Renwick was not competing. Robbie is in the final preparation for the olympics and was attending an team GB weekend however his teammates stepped up and fought hard in all relays.
Elite Performance swimmers an impressive five individual medals and two relays medals.

Daniel Scott returns to form after a hip operation last year to win the Gold medal in the 50m butterfly. Dan then backed up his 50m success with a silver in the 100m butterfly in a finger tip finish losing the gold by .07 of a second!

Jamie Graham took the 100m breaststroke Gold medal win with an impressive controlled race. Jamie then continued his winning form with a silver in the 50m fly and bronze in the 50m breaststroke completing his full set of medals.

The two boys then teamed up to win a silver and bronze medal in the 4x100m free and medley relays.

During the championships the group broke several records:

Scottish records:

Anna Fleming: 100 free - equalled her own record

West District records:

Anna Fleming: 100 free - equalled her own record
Dan Scott: 50 and 100 fly
Jamie Graham: 50 breast

Club Records:

Anna Fleming: 100 free - equalled her own record
Jamie Graham: 50 breast and 100 Breast

Scottish Squad times achieved at the championships included:

Jamie Graham Gold Squad 50m breaststroke
Daniel Scott Senior Silver Squad 50m Butterfly & 50m Breaststroke
Aliastair Stirling Senior Silver Squad 100m Freestyle
Kirstin Clark Silver Squad 800m & 1500m Freestyle
Scott Deans Silver Squad 1500m Freestyle

This was overall a great team performance with swimmers producing personal best times over the four days. The swimmers are showing great progress in their competitive performances and maturing in the race application.

Well done to all swimmers and thankyou to all parents in supporting your athletes to achieve a great team performance.

Special thanks to the all the officials.

A massive thank you to Mairi Clark for team managing the swimmers.

Well done to all coaches for there continued support and development of our performance athletes.

Good Luck to the swimmers who now focus on the British Championships in Sheffield in a couple of weeks. For all the other swimmers please try to make as many of your summer sessions as possible to allow s to have an even more sucessful 2012/2013 season.

Enjoy the holidays


Team Managers Report

Wednesday night saw a slightly smaller team of 8 swimmers leave Glasgow for 4 days of swimming in Edinburgh. We were staying in the Pollock Halls which were situated right next to the Commonwealth Pool. This was a perfect base for the swimmers, giving them the freedom to come and go as they pleased and enabling them to get in as much rest time as they required in between swims.

Once again the trip proved to be great value for money and because we had our own pantry area it meant that we could do our own cooking, meaning the swimmers were fed as soon as they had finished for the day and they didn’t need to wait to be served in a restaurant. I had prepared a number of meals before we left Glasgow, so we just needed to heat them up each night.

The really positive thing for me we was the real team spirit that our swimmers showed throughout the meet. For once we were by far the loudest club on the poolside and it was lovely to see everyone up supporting each other during their races, especially during the finals and relays.

We had no real issues throughout the 4 days, the only slight problem we had was that a couple of the swimmers forms had been marked with the wrong session, meaning that they turned up in the morning when they should have been swimming in the afternoon. When we became aware of this we double checked on the programme when each swimmer was due to swim. The format of the meet was always going to cause confusion, but it is worthwhile stressing to swimmers that they also have a responsibility to check draft programmes and check with staff but also for the team manager/coaches to double check as well.

All in all it was a very positive competition, for me over the past year it has been lovely seeing the swimmers mature in their attitude to competitions, their understanding of eating properly and also getting a good rest when they can. The swimmers I took away behaved impeccably and it was a pleasure to be the team manager!!!

Mairi Clark


Kieran Bell (15) M      
36.26L (F) Male 50 Breast PB (1sec)
Yong Chin Breslin (16) F      
5:26.27L (P) Female 400 IM PB (3sec)
1:13.35L (P) Female 100 Fly PB (1sec)
2:17.40L (P) Female 200 Free PB (4sec)
2:36.07L (F) Female 200 IM PB (2sec)
1:03.33L (F) Female 100 Free PB (2sec)
33.73L (F) Female 50 Fly PB (1sec)
30.57L (F) Female 50 Free PB (1sec)
Yong Sonn Breslin (17) F      
34.44L (P) Female 50 Back PB (1sec)
1:12.94L (F) 400 Medley Relay Lead Off PB (1sec)
Kirstin Clark (14) F      
1:10.70L (P) Female 100 Fly PB (1sec)
2:16.11L (P) Female 200 Free    
9:45.24L (F) Female 800 Free PB (4sec)
4:45.39L (P) Female 400 Free    
1:14.45L (P) Female 100 Back    
18:34.96L (F) Female 1500 Free    
1:04.57L (F) Female 100 Free    
30.99L (F) Female 50 Free PB (1sec)
Mark Deans (18) M      
4:25.29L (P) Male 400 Free    
2:05.86L (F) 800 Free Relay Lead Off    
Scott Deans (14) M      
17:37.23L (F) Male 1500 Free PB (5sec)
4:44.45L (F) Male 400 Free    
1:14.23L (F) Male 100 Back    
2:32.32L (F) Male 200 Back    
Robyn Dickson (14) F      
5:26.81L (P) Female 400 IM    
1:15.27L (P) Female 100 Fly PB (1sec)
2:21.78L (P) Female 200 Free    
2:36.64L (F) Female 200 IM    
1:22.92L (F) Female 100 Breast    
1:05.51L (F) 400 Free Relay Lead Off PB (1sec)
2:57.00L (P) Female 200 Breast    
34.57L (F) Female 50 Fly PB (1sec)
Martin Douglas (16) M      
2:54.15L (P) Male 200 Breast    
1:06.48L (F) Male 100 Fly PB (2sec)
4:44.26L (F) Male 400 Free    
2:21.13L (F) Male 200 IM PB (6sec)
1:14.37L (F) Male 100 Breast PB (3sec)
5:07.36L (F) Male 400 IM    
34.88L (F) Male 50 Breast PB (2sec)
30.20L (F) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
Anna Fleming (12) F      
1:03.62L (F) Female 100 Free    
31.95L (F) Female 50 Fly    
Grant Gould (18) M      
35.37L (F) Male 50 Breast PB (1sec)
1:20.12L (F) Male 100 Breast    
32.84L (F) Male 50 Back PB (1sec)
Jamie Graham (19) M      
25.00L (P) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
28.66L (F) Male 50 Breast PB (1sec)
1:02.83L (F) Male 100 Breast PB (1sec)
23.54L (F) Male 50 Free PB (1sec)
58.05L (P) Male 100 Fly    
Edward Gray (18) M      
2:35.21L (F) Male 200 Breast PB (5sec)
28.04L (P) Male 50 Fly    
1:14.02L (F) Male 100 Breast PB (3sec)
2:14.11L (P) Male 200 Fly    
58.27L (F) 400 Free Relay Lead Off    
2:18.45L (F) Male 200 IM PB (4sec)
1:01.07L (P) Male 100 Fly PB (1sec)
4:55.39L (P) Male 400 IM PB (8sec)
34.71L (F) Male 50 Breast PB (2sec)
Kieran Izzett (16) M      
4:32.96L (F) Male 400 Free PB (5sec)
2:25.91L (F) Male 200 Back PB (2sec)
1:08.51L (F) 400 Medley Relay Lead Off    
31.77L (F) Male 50 Back PB (2sec)
5:12.41L (F) Male 400 IM PB (9sec)
31.43L (F) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
Scott Jackson (18) M      
56.76L (P) Male 100 Free    
4:28.19L (P) Male 400 Free    
2:27.04L (F) Male 200 IM    
2:05.82L (P) Male 200 Free    
1:04.65L (F) Male 100 Fly    
Cari Kiddie (13) F      
2:49.30L (F) Female 200 Back    
Alastair Kirkwood (16) M      
29.38L (P) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
1:04.99L (F) Male 100 Fly PB (1sec)
1:06.56L (F) Male 100 Back PB (2sec)
35.59L (F) Male 50 Breast PB (1sec)
26.49L (F) Male 50 Free PB (1sec)
30.12L (P) Male 50 Back    
5:16.89L (F) Male 400 IM PB (7sec)
Stephen Lamb (20) M      
55.62L (P) Male 100 Free    
27.63L (P) Male 50 Fly    
25.86L (F) Male 50 Free PB (1sec)
Callum MacGregor (19) M      
27.96L (P) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
2:17.18L (P) Male 200 Fly    
2:18.59L (P) Male 200 IM    
25.56L (P) Male 50 Free PB (1sec)
54.09L (F) 400 Free Relay Lead Off PB (1sec)
1:00.49L (P) Male 100 Fly PB (1sec)
Martin McInnes (14) M      
4:39.36L (F) Male 400 Free    
2:37.92L (F) Male 200 Fly    
Matthew McInnes (18) M      
4:34.70L (F) Male 400 Free    
5:10.42L (F) Male 400 IM PB (6sec)
Jamie McKinley (19) M      
54.61L (P) Male 100 Free    
16:33.58L (F) Male 1500 Free PB (3sec)
4:08.51L (P) Male 400 Free PB (1sec)
1:57.25L (P) Male 200 Free    
Victoria Milburn (17) F      
33.67L (P) Female 50 Back    
2:11.30L (F) 800 Free Relay Lead Off    
2:30.06L (P) Female 200 Back    
9:27.86L (F) Female 800 Free PB (22sec)
29.15L (F) Female 50 Free PB (1sec)
1:02.17L (P) Female 100 Free    
1:10.54L (F) 400 Medley Relay Lead Off    
4:39.31L (F) Female 400 Free PB (6sec)
Matthew Nicholson (21) M      
2:01.92L (F) 800 Free Relay Lead Off    
1:04.53L (F) Male 100 Breast PB (1sec)
Ian Phillips (17) M      
29.03L (P) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
4:33.32L (P) Male 400 Free PB (3sec)
1:11.25L (F) Male 100 Back PB (3sec)
2:31.92L (P) Male 200 Back PB (5sec)
26.83L (F) Male 50 Free PB (1sec)
2:08.19L (P) Male 200 Free    
32.21L (F) Male 50 Back PB (1sec)
Victoria Reid (15) F      
5:24.76L (P) Female 400 IM    
2:14.45L (P) Female 200 Free PB (2sec)
1:20.76L (P) Female 100 Breast    
2:35.16L (F) Female 200 IM    
4:59.99L (P) Female 400 Free    
36.69L (P) Female 50 Breast PB (1sec)
2:54.60L (P) Female 200 Breast    
1:03.37L (F) Female 100 Free PB (1sec)
32.66L (F) Female 50 Fly PB (1sec)
30.91L (F) Female 50 Free PB (1sec)
Fraser Ross (16) M      
2:46.32L (P) Male 200 Breast PB (8sec)
1:10.15L (F) Male 100 Fly PB (2sec)
4:32.11L (F) Male 400 Free PB (10sec)
35.75L (F) Male 50 Breast    
1:17.63L (F) Male 100 Breast    
5:21.32L (F) Male 400 IM    
31.48L (F) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
Daniel Scott (22) M      
53.34L (P) Male 100 Free    
24.65L (F) Male 50 Fly    
29.04L (F) Male 50 Breast PB (1sec)
23.94L (P) Male 50 Free    
55.25L (F) Male 100 Fly    
58.95L (F) 400 Medley Relay Lead Off PB (1sec)
Zoe Scott (16) F      
2:25.74L (P) Female 200 Free    
2:39.31L (F) Female 200 IM    
1:13.61L (F) Female 100 Back    
1:05.84L (F) Female 100 Free    
35.77L (F) Female 50 Back PB (1sec)
Johnstone Shearer (20) M      
55.22L (P) Male 100 Free    
1:04.59L (P) Male 100 Back    
2:17.84L (P) Male 200 IM    
2:17.85L (F) Male 200 Back PB (3sec)
26.22L (P) Male 50 Free    
2:01.54L (F) Male 200 Free    
30.94L (P) Male 50 Back PB (1sec)
Rory Shirley (17) M      
2:33.21L (F) Male 200 Breast PB (3sec)
58.93L (P) Male 100 Free    
33.01L (P) Male 50 Breast    
1:12.72L (P) Male 100 Breast    
25.97L (F) Male 50 Free PB (1sec)
Kaitlin Stevenson (14) F      
1:27.63L (F) Female 100 Breast    
Alasdair Stirling (19) M      
26.14L (F) Male 50 Fly PB (1sec)
2:07.99L (F) Male 200 Fly    
23.67L (F) Male 50 Free PB (1sec)
51.34L (F) 400 Free Relay Lead Off    
1:55.47L (F) Male 200 Free