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1 West District Record (Angus Nicol 12 years Boys 100m Breaststroke 1.18.28
2 Club records (Angus Breaststroke above) + Anna Fleming 13 year old girls 100m Butterfly 1.06.47

7 Gold Medals
Anna Fleming 13 Years 4 Gold 100m Free 58.50, 100m Butterly 1.06.47, 200m IM 2.28.72 400m Free 4.32.46
Angus Nicoll 12 Years 2 Gold 100m Breaststroke 1.18.28, 200m Breaststroke 2.53.40
Serena Iheagwarum 11 Years 200m Butterfly 2.50.59

3 Silvers
Angus Nicoll 12 Years 200m IM 2.38.88 and 100m Free 1.02.43
Conor Logan 12 Years 200m Backcrawl 2.32.72

5 Bronze
Serena Iheagwarum 11 Years 100m Butterfly 1.18.49 100m Free 1.10.28
Ryan Robertson 11 Years 200m Backcrawl 2.54.41
Nicole Amato 13 Years 100m Backcrawl 1.13.43
Angus Nicol 12 Years 200m Free 2.17.57

Many fine performances from the other swimmers attending the meet who finished just outside the medals or just missed a top six finish Kitty Chan, Lily Jane Haggerty, Lawrence Campbell, Mohamed Khan, Alice McGinty, Adam Farquson, Shannon Byrne, Abby Cavanagh.

Observations - None of our younger swimmers entering the distance events 1500m, 800m, 400m free also 400m IM, 200m Butterfly. This will have to change in the future.

Dave Hill